19 July 2012

Gathering the Tribe: Platforms for Change

The thing I'm most grateful for is that AKSHA leads me to meet amazing people everyday. In my world, Art and Enterprise are really about generating community--its about LOVE. Collaboration, partnership, co-promotion, skill-sharing... the old competitive model is tired. With social enterprise, business is  going open-source. It is an interactive endeavor.

There are more opportunities for growth when you belong to a tribe. And when you're blazing the trail of a new idea, you need scouts, mentors who've been out ahead of you, as well as the cavalry of other entrepreneurs to share the journey and throw you powerbars when the going gets tough.

Here's are just a few of the inspiring people I caught up with this week: 

Justin Hakuta, co-founder of YogaStart. I met Justin in New York a few years ago while he was at Harvard Business School and I was at ITP. We're both part-Filipino and share a bent towards the arts, spirituality, social justice and as it happens--business. He's working on a platform that will serve as a hub for wellness in multiple forms, including the arts. Stay tuned...

Kaya Kaplancali, co-founder of Bioserie, makers of the world's only 100% certified bioplastic iPhone and iPod covers. I have two. They're beautiful. We're working on a series for AKSHA.

Amarit "Aim" Charoenphan, co-founder of HUBBA, Bangkok's first co-working space and a start-up incubator. He introduced me to TotalAwake, an iPhone/iPod App developed by one of their teams. Its "the ultimate app for people interested in mindfulness and meditation training".

Lawrence Axil Comras, founder of a new search platform called WhoElse. Before this, Axil founded Greenhome.com in 1999 and sold it to Jane Capital in 2010. We explored Wilpattu National Forest together in Sri Lanka last spring, and he bought a sketch I made for my last art project, In Search of Menander. 


Things they all have in common: Imagination, Courage, Integrity, Openness, and Warmth. In this endeavor, its like gathering members of a special tribe together. 

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