18 February 2013

Nan, Thailand

Staying at hotel in the small city of Nan with Pohchang Academy of Art professors and students. We are in the region to visit significant monuments in a trip sponsored by the Thai concrete and stucco company TBI for this year's stucco competition.

Visited several temples in Lanna style, mixed with Rattanakosin and Ayuttaya influence.

Fantastic folk murals, that seem quite contemporary in this time when artists are drawing from non-academy styles.

Ajahn Pei, Jirasak, Mongkohn and students listen to lectures at one of the sites.

Ven. Manjusri and Ajahn Duang

The temple where people born the year of the rabbit come to make offerings. The Lanna seem to have adapted the Chinese system of astrology, switching the boar for elephant ( the words in Thai are close).

A famous image from the folk style murals, the Whisperer. See the tattoos on the man.

Then on to another Lanna temple, this one with exceptional wrathful wood carving on doors
A temple full of ornate stucco--may have inspired Aj. Chalrmchai's White Temple in Chiang Rai.

Another Lanna temple flanked by an ancient square-shaped stupa, possibly from the Haripunchai period.

The hotel we stayed at in Nan.

Ajahns Fai and Duang look for shade.

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