27 March 2013

Ajahn Pei Comes to BIA

Yesterday was a magical full moon day! 

Ajahn Pei, Ven. Manjusri and I had a very nice visit to the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives yesterday to talk about the September exhibit. Khun Muay, Phat, Paco, Mike and other members of the Int'l Lay Sangha were able to casually meet Ajahn Pei as we walked around, which is very nice. 


I think Ajahn was very inspired by BIA. He talked about the details in the ancient artworks reproduced from India that are displayed there.  Here he is pointing to the serpents that adorn the figures' headdresses. He said, in Thailand a "naga" is known today as a serpent, but in India the term refers to an ancient people.

Both Aj. Pei and Venerable like the idea of the community artwork, the "bridge" of flags to the island. Ajahn described it as connecting the mind--our source of knowledge--back to nature, and our heart.  :) 

We began to discuss practical ways of designing it for strength and durability. 

We talked about ways to secure the structure and to measure the dimensions of the building, the depth of the lake, and the distance to the island. 

We need blueprints to the building and/or the use of some measuring equipment. To support the bridge of flags, we will design supports at 2 or 3 points in the lake, so that the flags do not fall into the water.  


We looked into the meditation room, for a cool break from the 40 degree heat outside. (That's 104 Farenheit.) I hope to create a set of projections for this space linked to the theme of the poem in the exhibit as well. 


FLAGS: Mike also suggested looking for a source that could donate the material for flags. (He suggested old military parachutes!) If you have ideas about this, please let me know. I am looking for a very light material and strong cables. 

It is wonderful to finally connect these two worlds I've been working in the last 6 months. 

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