16 April 2013

Measuring the Lake and Archives

Since the proposed site-specific art piece for BIA is so long (150 meters or 492 ft), measurement and good planning are key to its success.
Mike Adair, who helped found the International Lay Sangha at BIA last year, and I recently measured the parts of the building that are key to supporting the installation. (Thanks Mike!!)

Sketch of the supports that must lift the cable above the lake over the course of 100 meters from the building to the island.

We may hang supports for the cables from the beams on the 3rd floor. 

View of the island through the fascade on the 3rd floor of the building.

This is the island to which we will stretch the cables in the installation. Our goal is to reach that special little Nalikae coconut tree in the center with approximately 800-1000 "flags of forgiveness" contributed by people around the world. (See my past posts in March, "Ajahn Pei Comes to BIA" and "Making the Path Over the Hot Wax Sea" about the inspiration for the installation.)

Mike has a wonderful tool for measuring that consists of a small stone with a natural hole that he brought from Canada, and a length of sturdy string. Here we are measuring the depth from the 2nd floor to the water. 

One idea is to raise the flags up to the 2nd floor ceiling here, across the width of the building and out to the island.

The first floor. I may also suspend the flags from the ceiling here.

This boddhisatva statue is where the flag cables will originate. This is the view from the 2nd floor.

The exhibition hallway on the 2nd floor.

The side of the building, view from the 2nd floor garden. 
The next week we went out to the lake to check its depth. Here's a picture from Kun Sariporn of Mike and I on BIA's little emergency dingy. Its quite thin and we were concerned that it might capsize! So I decided to leave my camera on shore, (since it can't swim.) 
Its a shame not to have photos of BIA from the little island, and close-up photos of the Nalikae tree as well. So next time I will put my camera in a bag and bring it with me. 

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