25 June 2013

Nalikae Beads: Breaking the Mold

To make the island bead sculptures, I decided to sacrifice my beloved exercise ball in the mold making process. We did this first with the help of students and teachers at Pohchang Academy of Art, Bangkok.

The four giant beads will be about 70cm in diameter each. The process involves making a master mold, then casting four basic beads. After unique textures are added to each bead, a mold is taken of each. A final fiberglass form is then taken from this final mold. This process takes about 4 weeks. 

Someone accidentally punctured the ball in the process! (He ran it over to a bike shop which patched for us.)

Six heavy blocks of solid wax--transported by motorbike--will go into creating the surface texture of the sculptures after casting. 

Coconut fiber--also transported by motorbike with the wax--is used to strengthen the plaster mold. 

Releasing my ball from the mold by deflating it. 

Painstaking process of adding texture to the wax masters of each bead sculpture.

Ice, of our student team, applies the heat gun to a bead that earns the nickname "Ferrero Rocher".  

No, its not chocolate. But we all wished it was! (Its was and plasticine.) 

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