19 July 2013

Nalikae Beads: Fiberglass Space

Here are a few photos from the final casting stages of the giant beads for the Nalikae Tree. 
These are created by the technicians at Ajahn Pe's studio.

Plaster cast, reinforced by bamboo. 
A view inside: iron bars provide structural reinforcements. 

Preparing the mold. The beads have to be cast in four parts, and then assembled.

Waiting for the mold to set for Luminous Ground.
Luminous Space, cast in fiberglass and ready for painting.

Here's a mock-up of what the sculptures will look like on the island in September.

This shows the Bridge span over the water, crossing through the Doors of Light and Darkness in The Nalikae Tree".

The original beads.

16 July 2013

The Illustrators for "The Nalikae Tree"

I love risk in art. 

Each page of "The Nalikae Tree" will be illustrated by a different artist. Here are a few of the storyboards I created to hold everyone's work together. 

Gathering the artists to present the project at Pohchang. 

Counter to the self-centered practice of much studio art, collaboration asks the artists involved to trust and be vulnerable. I find that its always an opportunity for making exciting creative discoveries.

Some of my favorite animated films--Nina Paley's Sita Sings the Blues and Richard Linklater's Wakinglife --represent a collaboration of different artists and/or artistic techniques. These experiments resulted in fantastic and imaginative experiences for the audience. 

Here are a few stills from Sita Sings the Blues, which can be viewed for free online.