31 August 2013

"Ten Thousand Bridges": Opening Event Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2pm — at Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (Suan Mokkh Bangkok :BIA).

I'd like to invite you to join us on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2pm for the Exhibition and Book Launch of "The Nalikae Tree" and the site-specific art installation, Ten Thousand Bridges.

The exhibit will also feature: "A Measure of Each Moment" (animation), AKSHA jewelry, original drawings and sculpture created by 15 artists for the book, and a photo-documentary. 

Opening Day will host an art workshop, artist talk, and performances by G-One Band, Lipikorn Makaew, and Yotsakrai Kanchanachai. 

It has been a wonderful year-long project and a massive effort to put together this installation. Hope you can join us!

Site: The Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives, Suan Rodfi, Bangkok (See map attached.)



"Ten Thousand Bridges" Installation Day 5

Almost ready. 

29 August 2013

"Ten Thousand Bridges" Installation Days 4-5

Preparing to ease the panels out unto the lake in order. 

Leading the Bridge out to the island required a team of over 10 people. 

...and then it started to rain.
The rain made it an incredible challenge to raise the bridge, but we managed.

The next day was for reinforcements--a necessary measure to keep the Bridge steady in the monsoon winds and rain. 

Sketching out plans over lunch(box).

And the Bridge is raised!

28 August 2013

"Ten Thousand Bridges" Installation Day 3

It took a crew of over 20 people to prepare the 150 Bridge panels (each 4 m. wide), 600 m. of steel cable and clear tubing, pulley systems, and color schemes.

Measuring and cutting the sections of cable and preparing them with rubber tubing.

Each section from A to E is 22-30 m. long. 

Installing the 1st section from the Boddhisattva to BIA's Building (15 m.)

Installing the 2nd section through the first floor of the building. (20 m.)

Preparing the 2rd section to go over the lake to the Nalikae island (100 m.)

22 August 2013

"Ten Thousand Bridges" Installation Day 2

 Easing the second support, "Door of Light", out on the water. This time, I created a hinge using the lifesavers. This way, when the buoys are released, the structure can come up using its own weight. 

Installation Team Day 2

"Ten Thousand Bridges" Installation Day 1

Delivering the sculptures and structural components to the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives the night before the installation. 

Ajahn Pe and I survey the site.

Installation Day

Pohchang students arrive to assist with the installation.

Assembling the 6.8-meter Door structures, made of steel and bamboo.

We ran a guideline from the shore to the island to make it easier to transport the sculptures by dingy. (Unfortunately, some boats let the line go and were stuck in the middle of the lake without an oar. ...much laughter ensued.)

Because the vantage point is across the lake, 100 meters away from the shore or BIA's building, Ajahn Pe and I had to collaborate on the ideal position for the sculptures by phone. He surveyed the view from the shore while I worked with the team on the island. 

Its very tricky using row boats to maneuver the Door structure into place. The lake is pretty shallow--1.5 meters--but just deep enough to make this a one-shot deal. Once its in, it will be next to impossible to adjust its position.  

BIA Director Dr. Bunchar came out to the lake to survey the new sculptures and see the new fruit on the Nalikae tree.

Preparing the second door for floating into position the next day. The rain comes about 5pm everyday, and it would be too dangerous to continue.

Tired but satisfied. A success!

Ten Thousand Bridges
Installation Team
Day 1