27 January 2014

Exhibit Featured in Fine Art Magazine, Thailand

"Ten Thousand Bridges", Minette and AKSHA are featured in the January 2014 edition Thailand's Fine Art Magazine.  Article by Piyada Parikamsil.

16 January 2014

The Beauty of Our Dreams

It's a new year, and to begin on an absolutely affirming note I'd like to share Maria Popova's fantastic article on her wonderful blog Brain Pickings, "How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love". 

The blog is chock-full of links to videos and readings on how to find your calling, not get distracted, and live a life of passion and purpose. It's a must read for anyone who believes that we are entitled to creative lives of happiness and fulfillment. 

In it Maria quotes 7 of the most visionary creative evangelists of our age: Steve Jobs, Paul Graham, Alain de Button, Robert Krulwich, Hugh Macleod, and the Holstee Manifesto, which I am sharing here with you. 

To Maria's already wonderful list of quotes I would only add one of my all-time favorites from Eleanore Roosevelt. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

06 January 2014

Samantabhadri: Emerging from the mold

 After completing the master copy in plasticine, a 2-part latex mold was made. This resin positive is the first piece to emerge from the mold. A plaster positive was also taken. The next stage is to refine some details in plaster copy before we take a final mold for the bronze and the resin editions. 

To order the Samantabhadri, visit The Buddhist Sculpture Workshop